Here are 3 benefits of genealogy

Many people go throughout life never knowing the extent of their family heritage. In most cases, knowledge about the family tree will never go beyond the level of grandparents. What many people don’t know is that there are usually some really great benefits of knowing your family history and genealogy.

In this article, we are going to look at three benefits of knowing your genealogy.

You will be better aware about your family’s medical history

It’s no secret that a significant number of medical conditions are passed down the family line. From genetic deficiencies, to allergies, to chronic illnesses, there are multiple cases of illnesses being passed down generations. It’s also usually not a surprise for some of these illnesses to skip some generations. Knowing your genealogy puts you better placed to proactively handle some of these illnesses.

It’s a solution to avoiding incest

In many cultures, incest is considered to be a taboo. However, avoiding incest becomes a bit of a challenge because migration has resulted in many families breaking up and because people don’t prioritize genealogy, they are not able to know whether their potential mate is a distant relative. It’s therefore advisable for couples to check their genealogy before they start dating.

It gives you a sense of belonging 

Getting to know your genealogy has the added benefit of giving you a sense of belonging because you get to know your ancestry and get connected to other living relatives. Being part of a large family especially if it has proud ancestry does great in giving you a good sense of belonging and pride at your heritage.

These are just a few benefits of learning your genealogy yet really tremendous benefits. If you are yet to consider genealogy, I hope this article has helped to tip the scales.