If you are Scottish then the Graham name should be quite familiar to you. The Clan Graham has a proud ancestry full of legends of acts of valor throughout their history. I could mention Greme Graham who is believed to have been responsible for breaking the Roman Antonine Wall which then greatly helped in successfully driving out of Scotland the Roman legions. Or even Sir William de Graham, a knight during the reign of David I, who was instrumental in helping David capture Scotland.

The Graham name is also very evident during the Scottish independence period as they took part in many of the battles to earn Scotland its independence. Most notable is the 1296 Battle of Dunbar where Sir Patrick de Graham chose not to retreat and fought to the death to liberate Scotland. There are very many historical anecdotes of the Clan Graham which you can be proud of. 

This is why we felt the need to create the Clan Graham Association of Scotland where we bring together everyone who shares the Clan Graham ancestry. We are proud of our heritage and would like to share it and keep it alive.

I therefore look forward to this journey of discovery with you.

Sophia Brooks, Founder – Clan Graham Association of Scotland.